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How Much Should You Pay For Flat Screen TV Installation


You already know that your new flat screen TV  or plasma is sleek, sexy and offers a superior picture – but if you’re looking to install and mount your new purchase on your wall, then consider hiring an electrician to do it for you.
After all, your new flat TV should be a source of entertainment – not another DIY headache!

So now that you’re ready to hire an electrician to mount and install your new plasma, there’s only one question remaining: how much should you pay for flat screen TV installation?  Take a look at the following tips below to ensure that you’re getting the best price possible:

• Your flat screen TV isn’t your mother’s old TV.  Between rerouting the A/V cables, drilling and installing wall brackets, install electrical outlet and securing the television to the wall, installing this kind of television takes plenty of time and professional know-how.  Don’t be surprised if an electrician quotes a seemingly high price; after all, it’s not as simple as plugging it in and switching it on!  The average price for flat tv installation from trusted electrical professionals is between $249 – $400.  The difference in price will vary based on experience, type of bracket, size of the television, and in some cases where you are mounting your television.  (Note- In some cases, you may need to have an electrical outlet installed to hide the wires behind your flat screen.)

• You’ll want to ensure that any electrician quotes include all of the work you need done.  When accepting bids for your project, ask your potential electricians if they include mounting in the price.  Additionally, double-check to see if the electricians understand the importance of hiding any wires and A/V cables after installing the flat screen TV.  Be sure to stress that it’s not just an aesthetic issue – for those families with children and/or pets, it’s a safety issue!

• Ask if the flat screen TV installation price includes any guarantees and warranties, such as a one to two-year parts and labor guarantee.  This ensures that you won’t have to pay a penny more to correct a shoddy installation job.

By asking the right questions, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the right price for flat screen TV installation! Hope this article makes it easy for you to choose an electrican at the right price to install your flat tv, find out how to save more when you need an electrical contractor.

Cameron Electric, an electrical contractor in Atlanta, offers flat screen tv installation in Atlanta, Decatur, Dunwoody, and surrounding areas. For a good price on installing your flat screen  in Atlanta, GA call (404) 891-6448. With over 13 years of experience you can be sure that you are getting the best price for the service that you receive with Cameron Electric.  For most flat screen tv installation it is only $275 including flat tv brackets, 2 HDMI cables, and mounting your tv.

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